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Reflection – M. Serkan Pektas

by on November 20, 2007

Disciplinary Actions
Every organization has to align itself according to the new technology, new trends, and new challenges. Those transitions should be controlled closely to get desired goals. That is why we are trying to manage them. However, there are some incidents in workplaces that trigger changes in different ways. Those uncontrolled transitions may cause some unexpected outcomes that may be resulted in either desired or undesired consequences. For example, the decisions of the executive board about personnel have a great potential to initiate such unintended transitions, because those decisions have an effect on everyone. The most important decisions about personnel are about disciplinary actions. The disciplinary actions have a great effect on employee in different ways. They create fear, urgency, and increase or decrease moral, in short most of the things that we need to manage in transitions.
Since the disciplinary actions have great effect on personnel behavior, they should be considered carefully. The regulations and the culture of the organization set the rules of standard workplace behavior and provide course of actions to enforce those rules. Those rules and regulations allow people to align their behavior according to the company rules. In fact those are the standards that provide everyone to work in peace and harmony. The belief among employee that those enforcement rules are executed without doubt creates those feelings.
However, it should be mentioned that those rules cannot be subject to change or improvement. In fact, they should be revised periodically and changed according to new environment. My point is that those rules should not be changed, and applied without any hesitation, when there is a decision to make according to them. Even if there is a hesitation of applying rules on one personnel, it creates doubts in the others’ mind.
Individuals have a tendency to behave people according to their feelings and personal thoughts, but the organizations, the executive committees, have to behave people according to the rules and regulations. Otherwise, the unintended effects of wrong decisions may trigger uncontrollable and undesired transitions in the organization.

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