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Reflection- Manaswita

by on October 20, 2007

Why trust is a key enabler of team success?

The topic of discussion for week 3 was “Team” and the issues related to building and guiding team and following questions were posed: when the team is not a team, what it takes to create a right team, the diversity in team etc. The interesting part of this topic was the issue of trust.

Often the managers come across the dilemma of quantifying trust in their employees by putting forth the questions such as “how much should I trust in my employees”. What does it take to build trust? How important the team trust is to the effectiveness of an organization? How to establish and maintain the trust in the team?

Trust is definitely a major key to organizational effectiveness as trust can make or break the project. Most IT projects fail partly due to human factors and all the more owing to the lack of trust among team members and team’s trust in the manager or vice versa. Building trust is not one day process and good resources generally tend to persist in working for the same company and for the same manager if they become successful in building and winning trust of manager they work for and the people they work with. It is the fact that the employees who believe in building upon and maintaining trust rise up the rank immediately than their counterparts who just believe in taking home a big fat pay check every month.

It is often seen happening in the IT industry where when the salary increment is not up to the employees’ expectations, most of them change the company and move to the organization that has more to offer in terms of money. Little they realize that once again they will have to go through the entire process of building upon and promoting trust within their new immediate work environment and with the new team or manager. The wise and smart employees stay back. For them money is not everything and they do not see opportunity in moving else where impulsively by putting the long built rapport and trust at stake because they know building trust around is not a simple one day work. It is a long term process and once employees gain trust of their managers or team, they become accountable and being questionable for decisions taken and for statements made etc is not a child’s play.

So, trust is not only about creating a bond with ones kith and kin in the personal life but it is also about proving ones worth in the company by taking a risk to be open to ones colleagues. Trust (the ability to make reliance and to inspire others) is both an emotional and logical act and one of the major factors in determining the Emotional Intelligence of an individual. It is well proved fact that people with high Emotional Intelligence Quotient are more successful in their professional life and they make good managers of the team they build and pilot.

What happens in the organization where trust is insignificant?
High rate of attrition
Less motivation to work
Loss of corporate knowledge
More investment in recruiting process

Trust is the pivot around which factors such as strong team, employee retention, healthy and effective communication and high productivity revolve.

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