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Sinsath Shameer Salahuddeen – Microsoft

by on October 2, 2007

Microsoft Internet Initiatives

The mid nineties was the beginning of a boom for the Internet. Microsoft realized that it really needed to adapt to this change in order to not be obsolete. There is this famous memo sent by Bill Gates to all his employees called the ‘internet tidal wave’ where he declared that the Net was “the most important single development” since IBM PC. There was a growing sense among Microsoft execs that Internet opportunity had to be seized before it slipped to others.
So Microsoft changed its strategy from the PC being a standalone device to one that was connected to the internet. As a result of this change in direction, TCP/IP (the basic communication protocols for the internet) was integrated into Windows 95 and Windows NT. Also the first version of IE was bundled with Windows 95 Plus Pack and released in 1995. By version 3.0 IE had roughly the same features as Netscape and by version 4.0 it was considered to be more stable. The many later versions after that made it possible for IE to overtake Netscape from its dominant position to become the top internet browser in the world.
This was one of the many successes of Microsoft and a successful case of change management.



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