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Course Description: Official and Instructor

by on August 31, 2007

Official Course Description:
Practical application of the critical roles and aspects of information and information processes in the management of organizational change. Topics include organization learning, knowledge management as a process, business process change, change project management, business/competitive intelligence, benchmarking, and best practices. Prerequisite: IMT 580.

Instructor Course Description:
For Information (and Knowledge) Managers, the challenges faced in the management of information are varied and demanding. This course will focus on one salient challenge—the management of change. Managing change can take many forms. One must manage change when new work practices or technology are introduced into the organization, or as environmental conditions change. Change can be managed in a reactive or proactive manner; similarly, change might be planned or unplanned, top-down or emergent. Change might need to occur under time-sensitive conditions or can be gradual. Change can impact a few sectors of the organization or might occur throughout the organization. Managers who are successful in enabling organizational change will be ideally positioned to lead their organizations. In order to manage change, we must understand the work processes that bind entities within the organization. To do so, we must examine issues of information and knowledge management within the context of organizational change.

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