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Research Paper (40%)

by on August 20, 2007

Students will be required to write an exemplary research paper on any contemporary change management issue. Students can choose to work in groups of three, or two, or can complete the paper solo. Students should consult popular business magazines such as Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, and strategy+business, among others for ideas on suitable topics. In addition, reviewing websites such as,, and newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, will also prove to be valuable for identification of interesting topics. The specific due dates and milestones for the research paper are noted below.

Please note: these dates are fixed and will not be modified for any reason. Please plan accordingly. Attendance is compulsory on both days of student presentations (Dec 3 & Dec 5).

  • Oct. 13: Students must submit their topic for approval. A description of the topic, a statement on why the topic is important, and analytical approach (i.e. how will the research question be studied) must be submitted
  • Oct. 15: Feedback provided on topics and if necessary, a revision is requested
  • Oct. 17: Topics are finalized
  • Nov. 12: First draft submitted for review. The first draft should be substantial and should clearly demonstrate progress made on the research paper. It is expected that the draft will contain a completed literature review, a synthesis of the critical issues and recommendations, and tentative conclusions
  • Nov. 14: Comments on first draft will be provided
  • Nov. 19: This class time is specifically made available for working on the research paper
  • Nov. 25: Final submission due. Discussants for each paper will be chosen. Discussants will be responsible for reading the paper, providing comments on it, and then leading the class discussion on the paper
  • Dec 1. Comments on final submissions will be provided
  • Dec 3-5. Research paper presentations and interactive discussions
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