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Required Reading: The Heart of Change

by on August 12, 2007

We will use The Heart of Change (by John P. Kotter and Dan S. Cohen; Harvard Business School Press, 2002) as a required text for the class. See for details on the book.

This book outlines eight steps that managers must employ to conduct successful change management programs.

Step 1: Increasing Urgency (W2)
Step 2: Building the Guiding Team (W3)
Step 3: Get the Vision Right (W4)
Step 4: Communicate for Buy-In (W5)
Step 5: Empower Action (W6)
Step 6: Creating Short-Term Wins (W7)
Step 7: Don’t Let Up (W8)
Step 8: Making Change Stick (W9)

We will go through these eight steps beginning with Week 2 and ending with Week 9 of the course.

This book is available at the UW Bookstore and can also be ordered from and other online booksellers. Please get your copy and begin reading the book…Make notes, write down your ideas, and even reflect on the various cases.
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