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FastCompany Reading List…

by on August 10, 2007

Here are the articles that will read from Fast Company. Students will be expected to read all articles. Each student will be responsible for posting a summary of an article, raising issues and concerns, discussing the implications for change management, and providing references to five other relevant articles that should be read. All students will post comments to every article and to the commentary by their peer.

  • And Now the Hard Part
  • Levi’s Changes Everything
  • Change or Die
  • The Change Function
  • How to Give Feedback
  • Starwave Takes the Web … (Seriously)
  • Everything I Thought I Knew about Leadership Is Wrong
  • Why We Buy
  • Genius at Work
  • The Agenda – Grassroots Leadership
  • Gospels of Failure
  • Updating the Agenda: MicroStrategy Inc.
  • Vote of Confidence
  • Do You Have the Will to Lead?
  • The New Face of Global Competition
  • Grassroots Leadership – Royal Dutch/Shell
  • The Wisdom of Chairman Ko
  • Free Agent Nation (and Land of the Free)
  • The Brand Called You
  • Balance is Bunk!
  • The Permatemps Contretemps
  • The Thrill of Defeat
  • Built to Flip
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